“If you’ve never tried Indian Food because you thought it was all very hot and spicy, think again! The range of meals at the Royal India Grill are amazing and you can start with sampling some very mild dishes and then perhaps trying something with a little more zip. It’s a lot of fun to go with a group and eat “family style” to pass and share a variety of dishes. The staff is friendly and extremely helpful in selecting a meal you won’t regret ordering.”

by Creekside –

“It was exceptional…We went during the lunch buffet which I believe is like 6 dollars and from 11-3 EVERYDAY plus they have dinner buffet certain days for a little more..I’ve been to many different indian restaurants and this excels them all. They were very nice. The waiter was joking how he was in the back cleaning dishes and he has only been on the floor interacting with people 4 months..they wanted him to know english and instead he was learning spanidh in the back from his mexican dish buddy who he he would always greet “hola Primo”..he had us laughing so hard even though there was a little bit of launguage barrier..he got everything..the food was exceptional..I’ve been to 3 restaurants in the Albany NY area but this was the best..I had my 3 kids…my 3 year old was a handful though..she wanted to get up and keep moving around..they had glass tables with wine cups with folded cloth they really try to make the atmosphere look and feel nice..They were very understanding and they just automatically brought hot paneer bread right from the oven..the plates were the biggest out of every Indian restaurant I’be been..They really do a well job trying to keep everybody happy..I just felt bad for the waiter because the ladies at the next table were arrogant and rude..they were talking as if he didn’t understand them and said he better like a 5 dollar tip because that all he is going to get..they don’t understand us..VERY RUDE..and he understood everything for the most part..then they started taking pictures and I thought they were heading for a tour bus..casual, family, friend or a would suite all your needs”

by Carol Spiak

“I’m a bit of a novice to Indian food but this place was suggested by a friend and she was certainly right! The food was wonderful. Great flavors without any overwhelming spices. Prices are very good and the wait staff was polite, quick, and responsive. The owner happened to be in when I went and he is a very friendly guy. Large variety of food, meats, and preparations available and the staff, although all speak English as a second language, are willing and able to explain any dish. ”

by Daniel Taylor-